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It is at the intersection of expertise, wisdom, curiosity and compassion where we meet Libby. A trusted counsel with over three decades of experience, she not only cares deeply about her clients but is very committed to ensuring they are safe, informed and secure. Libby listens like no one else does. She listens to ensure her clients are heard, that their value set is reflected in their decisions and outcomes, and it is her great honour to be the one they rely on to help them make the right choices. Libby is about connection, community and lives to ensure that people do good for themselves and for others - it is her golden rule. A rule to live by indeed. 

Libby founded the Collective in 2010 with the goal of creating a community that supports and connects like minded people with a focus on entrepreneurs. In the last two decades The Collective has hosted events, retreats and seminars and conferences for hundreds of people many of whom return again and again.

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