Manager Who Called New Bull Market Still Bullish





July 20, 2023

Got questions?

Such as are the economy and the stock market entering into a goldilocks environment?

We've got answers from two seasoned pros who love the game and spend their working days absorbing information and thinking about ways to protect client capital and about which large cap businesses can thrive in any kind of market.

Their decision-making has been on full display this year as the Davis Rea Equity Fund is higher by nearly 22per cent, outperforming the S&P 500.

In these first two parts of a new video series emanating from our live show this week, John O'Connell, Chairman, CEO & CIO, Davis Rea Investment Counsel, and Don Ritchie, President, cover a lot of ground and answer questions on a variety of topics including:

·    Why they had conviction that stocks would generally keep rising in the face of acute bearishness and negative headlines?

·    Why a recession continues to be postponed?

·    What economic indicators are pointing to further gains?

·    Is the stock market ahead of itself?

·    Why people lose money speculating about the level of the market?

·    Which banking franchises are worth owning?

·    Can the "Magnificent 8"keep rising?

·    What's in store for the not so magnificent 492 stocks in the S&P 500?


This is insightful, indispensable information and commentary and, dare we remind you, complimentary.

So, do yourself a favour and watch these easily digestible videos that can help you get a better understanding of market conditions and how to invest.