The Glass is Half-Full for the Companies We Own





June 4, 2023

Glass half-full, glass half-empty.

Those are generally the two most prominent types of investors.

But who has done the work, assessed the data and made informed decisions about the companies they've invested in?

And who is jumping from headline to headline and/or on the lookout for views that will confirm their bias, eitherpositive or negative.

The leaders of Davis Rea Investment Counsel are in the former camp and see the glasses of the companies they own for their clients and themselves as half-full.

They've been more optimistic than many and have been mostly right with the Davis Rea Equity Fund higher year-to-date by more than 17%, as of this writing.


John O'Connell and Don Ritchie believe the S&P 500, which currently sits at 4,282, is more likely to visit the 5,000 level before 4,000.

In Part One of our conversation, find out about:

·    The factors that give them a positive yet cautious view for their stocks...

·    A six-point checklist of the traits their companies must possess…

·    Two stocks that have performed well...

·    And one they're looking at that is geared toward consumer spending.